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How to - EasyCBM Year-End Process

1) easyCBM Renewals

Renewal letters are emailed in April, please email if you have not received your letter. Some of the district main contacts have changed and the emails are returned undeliverable. We want to avoid disruption of service if your district intent is to renew for the new school year. Please email us if your renewal will be sent AFTER July 1st.  

All non-renewed sites are shut down on August 15th and we don’t want to close any sites if the order form is on its way!  

2) Upload student roster files

To ensure that all of the students and their assessment records are stored in the system, prepare and upload a final 2_student roster file once the students have finished testing. This upload will update new students or students that change campuses, as well as move students no longer with the district to the ‘background’. 

If you update regularly, then you simply will not upload another file once the students have finished testing. (for the year?)

3) Merge temporary student records–District option

This only applies to districts that allow teachers to add students. Now that all current students are loaded in the system, merge any temporary students with the actual student record. This will ensure that all assessments taken by a student are attached to their unique ID.  

Follow these steps: 

  1. Admin> Student Records> Teacher Added Students
  2. Choose Student
  3. Scroll to Merge Student Records and add actual ID from roster file 
  4. Preview Merge

The Merge Student Records section allows all tests of the currently selected record (the one being viewed) to be merged with a student record that is specified by entering the ID number. This is most commonly used to merge teacher-created temporary records with the student’s actual record. Note that upon preview and confirmation of the merge, the originally selected record is deleted and all tests are moved to the record specified by ID.

4) Export all results from the previous school year

July 1st begins the new school year in easyCBM. On June 30th, the system rollover will occur and the current year data will be stored. The assessment results for students remaining in the district will be available in Reports after the initial roster upload for the new school year has been done. 

To export end-of-year data follow these steps: 

  1. Admin tab -> Data Exports
  2. choose to export a file for fall, winter, or spring benchmarks for all students in the district. This export file will also list percentiles for every benchmark score. 
  3. You can also choose to export progress monitoring data.  

5) Update/Remove users no longer with the district 

Teachers/Staff Members who were Users in the current school year and will no longer work in the District for the new school year need to be manually removed. This does not affect student data or scores. The Administrator must manually delete these users by going into the Admin Tab > User Accounts - Clicking on the Specific User and Clicking Delete Account. Ctrl + F to search by last name or click on the headers to sort by last log-in or user type. New user accounts will be added in the fall with the 1_Users file or can be manually entered at this time.  

6) Plan for back-to-school training

While you review the users currently in the system, it is a good time to consider training needs for new staff and users taking on new roles in the district. If it has been a while since your staff has been trained, you may consider purchasing a Basic Training webinar for the staff or new teachers. You can find a local representative that will be happy to assist you in setting up training by visiting your Local Representative page.

7) Plan for initial roster uploads and setting Benchmark windows

Review your current school year calendar to identify the Fall Benchmark Window. Knowing the start date of the Fall Benchmark window will help you identify when the initial roster upload should occur. The data upload needs to occur prior to that date to ensure the users, students, and teacher-student associations are in place. This is a good time to review your current choices for the district. Admin>System Settings

  • Benchmark Windows: Set all three Fall, Winter, and Spring windows for the current school year
  • Features: Spanish Math –this feature allows students to choose Spanish translations while testing online, both on the test item and in the read-aloud
  • Measures: Spanish Reading – this feature activates Spanish Reading measures for students who are receiving their primary reading instruction in Spanish, grades K-2
  • Measures: CCSS Reading and Math – this feature activates Benchmark and Progress Monitoring tools aligned to the CCSS standards. 

8) Student Retention

Admin>Student Records>Retain Students

Retaining a student will archive all test submissions for their current grade level, effectively allowing that student to be reassessed with those same-grade benchmark and progress monitoring measures. Archived test submissions will appear on their individual report, benchmark history, and on their student record. If a student is to be properly retained multiple times, this action must be performed each year they are retained (regardless of grade or current retention status). Once the system rolls over to the current school year on July 1st and after the first student file for the new school year is loaded, you can submit the student IDs to be retained or update them individually. 

9) Summer Enhancements

Watch the easyCBM Dashboard for more information and to join the final easyCBM: End-Of-Year webinar. Upcoming webinars are listed on the Resources tab.