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How do I place an Order?

At Riverside Insights, we strive to offer personalized service at all times. If you need assistance with an order, whether you are a new customer, a renewing customer, or you need to make an extension; we are always happy to help you over the phone, between the hours of 0700-1800 from Monday through Friday. 

To place an order; 

1) You can call our Customer Service Team at 800.323.9540 – press option 1, then select option 1 again.  

2) You can also find our order forms here. Once you have completed the relevant form, it can then be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the correct location.  

  • Email orders to be sent here: 
  • Fax orders to be sent here: 630.467.7192 
  • Postal orders to be sent here: Customer Services, Riverside Insights, One Pierce Place, Suite 900W, Itasca, IL 60143.  

3) Order online via our eCommerce site.