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What are the minimum qualifications needed to administer the BDI2-NU?

A Bachelor’s degree (BA, BS) in psychology, school counselling, occupational
therapy, speech/language pathology, social work, education, special
education or related field is required to purchase and administer the BDI2-NU.


A Certification in occupational therapy, physical therapy, or other medical
field (other medical fields include paediatrics, nurse practitioners, office
nurses, visiting nurses, home health care workers for infants and young
children, and Head Start specialists) AND specific undergraduate-level
training in one or more of the following:
• Intelligence/cognitive assessment
• Basic tests and measurement
• Speech, hearing, and language assessment
• Educational diagnostics or equivalent testing course
• Developmental milestone assessment 

For a comprehensive list of the different Qualification Levels, their levels of training and key products in each tier visit our User Qualifications Guide.