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How are the additional audio languages enabled in DataManager

  • Log in to the DataManager as an administrator or Account Holder here
  • On the menu bar select 'Administration'
  • From the drop-down select 'Settings and Preferences'
  • Select 'Audio Language' from the next page
  • Click On to enable a language or Off to disable it for use by students taking upper-level CogAT tests (Levels 9 - 17/18)  
  • Select Save

After following these steps, you will then have access to the other languages when creating your sessions for levels 9 - 17/18. See more about creating sessions here.

Languages that can be enabled include Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Somali and Vietnamese. For additional information Click Here. (must be logged in to the DataManager to view) or view the video below.