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Unable to view results for tested student

The ability to view scores depends on several factors.

1) Assessment completion - Each assessment has a minimum number attempted requirement that differs from one level to the next. The student should receive a score as long as the student completes the minimum required for each of the three subtests within a battery. 

2) Has it been at least 24 hrs? Most scores become available approximately 24hrs after a student completes the test requirements. For CogAT, a score is not available when a battery is partially completed. Iowa and Logramos require that you meet the minimum number of answered questions to produce a score within 24hrs. The tests, Reading 1&2 and Math 1&2 require that you complete both portions to produce a score for that test.

3) You must be assigned to the same location as the student - In order to view the results for the student, a teacher must be assigned to the same building/class location as the student or be an admin of the building the student is located in.

You can find more information about the test requirements by referring to the Directions for Administration guide found in the Resources page of DataManager.