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How can I enter an examinee that exists with another examiner?

Sometimes when entering an examinee, they may already exist with another examiner. You can still add a copy of the same examinee to your profile by following these steps.  

Step 1 – Enter the examinee information into the system.

Step 2 – When you select the ‘save’ button, a pop-up message will appear. The message will ask if you want to save this Examinee, select "Yes".

Step 3 - A pop-up message appears that indicates the examinee exists with another examiner. 

Selecting "Cancel" will clear out the entry. The examiner will need to reach out to the other examiner indicated in the message and have them share out the examinee to the appropriate examiners. Selecting Continue will finalize the entry, and add a copy of the student to your account profile.